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Learn all about food suppliers

5 Tips for Purchasing Crushed Garlic in Bulk

Minnie Henry

Buying crushed garlic in bulk for your business means finding a dependable supplier that can provide the quality and price you need. The following tips can help you compare suppliers as you shop around.

1. Additive Considerations

The best-crushed garlic should be free of unnecessary additives and preservatives, such as artificial flavours and colours. Your supplier should be able to provide you with an ingredient list for all of their garlic products. Ingredients for the ideal garlic product should be recognisable on the label, for example, garlic, salt, or oil may be all that is in the product as garlic can typically be preserved without any complicated preservative agents.

2. Grower Transparency

Although crushed garlic suppliers often procure their garlic from a variety of growers, ideally they will provide some transparency on whom the growers are and their farming processes. This way you can avoid undesirable practices, such as toxic pesticide or fertiliser use if you desire. Grower transparency is especially important if you are hoping to buy organic garlic, as it may be a priority to verify that all the garlic used is from organic farms. 

3. Quality Assurance

Choose a supplier that is open about their quality assurance practices. Suppliers may be able to provide proof of professional registration with food quality and safety organisations, such as HACCP. Check with local regulatory boards, as well, to make sure there have been no concerns raised during inspections or from public complaints. Your supplier should be able to provide you with a list of the specifications they use for their internal quality control procedures.

4. Product Availability

Garlic can come in a variety of forms, from whole to minced or crushed. If you need something other than crushed garlic, then verify that the supplier can provide it before committing to an order. It's also important that the supplier you choose can meet your demand for garlic, particularly if you need to order large amounts to keep your business stocked.

5. Purchase Options

Whether you are ordering in bulk for a restaurant or purchasing individual containers to stock retail shelves, verify that the supplier can provide the garlic in the size of bottles and in the quantities you require. Repackaging yourself into appropriate retail sizes may not be possible due to regulatory concerns. It's also important to check delivery options, as some suppliers may allow direct pickup at a discount for local buyers. If delivery is necessary, then make sure delivery fees fit into your purchase budget.

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